Brighton Noise Cancelling iPod Headphones

There are two ways to deal with the rash of iPod thefts plaguing the country. The first is to switch out your shiny white iPod headphones for a set of earbuds that look like they attach to some $5 portable CD player. The second is to get a set of these all-white Brighton over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones. Not only do these things scream out to muggers 'I have an iPod in my pocket,' but they also block out noises up to 15db—which makes you oblivious to the kind soul nearby who is shouting, 'someone is about to snatch your iPod!' They're powered by 2 AAA batteries and get about 100 hours of battery life from a single set. $43 a pair. Now if only they made a set in all black to match your next iPod.

Noise cancelling headphones BI-NCHP [Akihabara]

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