Illustration for article titled Brilliant Garment-Saving App Translates Those Confusing Laundry Tag Symbols

When laundry day finally rolls around, how often do you follow those washing care instructions included on garment tags? Never, right? Because those obscure symbols might as well be hieroglyphics. But a new app called Laundry Care works like a smartphone Rosetta Stone to automatically translate them for you.


Available on the iTunes App Store, Laundry Care might be the best dollar you’ll ever spend on your wardrobe. To translate those laundry tag symbols all you need to do is photograph them using your smartphone’s camera within the app.

Its image recognition capabilities automatically detects each icon, and the app then provides a thorough translation of what you’re supposed to—or not supposed to do—when it comes to cleaning the garment in question. It’s still up to you to choose whether or not to follow those instructions, but if you accidentally shrink a sweater, you now have no one to blame but yourself.


[iTunes App Store]

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