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Bring the Drive-Thru to Your Kitchen with this Instant Breakfast Sandwich Tower

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Breakfast sandwiches are one of the best ways you can start the day (taste-wise, at least). But they tend to be logistically difficult. Either you've got to take the time to carefully assemble one, or pay some scruffy, minimum-wage employee to make one for you. Hamilton Beach's Breakfast Sandwich Maker merges the best of both worlds.

A cleverly stacked arsenal of cooking-spaces, the Breakfast Sandwich maker makes multi-tasking a priority. The tower of chow cooks your egg in one compartment on the top, warms a slice of pre-cooked meat in the middle, and warms your cheese and other assorted fillings in a spot of the bottom. All between two English muffins for easy removal. And all this in five minutes or less.


Hamiliton Beach is releasing its breakfast baby into the wild later this month for the reasonable price of $30. We can't wait to get our greasy paws on one. [HiConsumption]