British Club4Climate Nightclub Charges Itself With the Power of Dance

As the clubbers in Britain's first-ever eco-nightclub rave their little hearts out in the coming months, they'll be doing their part to conserve energy. Well, their feet will be, because the energy that powers 60% of the club is going to be generated by the springy dance floor beneath them. The springs in the floor are connected to power generating blocks made of piezoelectric crystals. It's similar to what Enviu, a Netherlands-based research group, proposed for Holland-based clubs, but with a different accent. Like that system, the British club's crystals produce current when subjected to pressure created by the gyrating bodies above. But millionaire founder Andrew Charalambous didn't stop with spring-filled floors-he's taking the entire green thing very seriously.


Beyond the self-sufficient floor, the club will also sell organic spirits served in polycarbon cups; and the bathrooms will feature a recycled water system for flushing the toilets.

Entry to the club costs about $20, but clubbers who can prove they arrived on foot, bicycle or public transportation will get a free pass (so long as they sign a pledge promising to work towards curbing climate change too, that is). Charalambous hopes to open the club on July 10, with US-based clubs in New York to follow, as part of his Club4Climate campaign. [Evening Standard]

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