Brock takes charge in a complex, brilliant and hilarious Venture Bros.

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Um, is there any point to trying to recap last night’s Venture Bros.? Are there really any words that convey the brilliant plotting, editing, and dialogue that allowed the impossibly intricate episode to jump from time to time, from scene to scene, and character to character with no warning, but stay perfectly clear and understandable, but also completely hilarious?


I would posit there is not, but I can at least tell you what happened on the mind-bogglingly complex “O.S.I. Love You,” which was made some major changes in the Venture Bros. universe, especially for the Venture’s beloved ex-bodyguard Brock. He leads a team of O.S.I. agents (who are really delving into the G.I. Joe jokes, to my infinite amusement) to capture Molotov Cocktease and Monstroso, who of course survived last season’s finale. That they manage to do this with relative ease should indicate there are more troubles ahead (although Brock did have to watch the two fuck during the attack).

Flash-forward 12 hours to the present, where three government agents seemingly dethawed from the ‘30s or ‘40s (not literally; I understand I need to qualify that during a VB recap, I just mean they call women things like “chippy” and so forth) to understand the “clusterfudge” that occurred between now and then. The short version? Monstroso disappeared, and Molotov died, while taking out several O.S.I. agents and very nearly the helicarrier.

But none of that is entirely true, although Brock and Hunter Gathers don’t share that with the agents. As Monstroso completely gives up the goods on the Guild — the nature of the Sovereign, the Council, and the fact that the Investors are likely to kill him any moment — the Investors do arrive and literally push him through the wall of the Helicarrier to drop 20,000 or so feet to the ground, in a way that Brock couldn’t see; to him, Monstroso disappeared in thin air.

Meanwhile, Molotov uses her skills (and a hairpin she keeps in her empty eye socket) to escape her cell; she runs amuck through the helicopter, killing a number of delightfully goofy O.S.I. agents. Of course, Doc Venture, Sgt. Hatred and Hank and Dean are on board, as Hatred is getting his breasts removed. This means that Hank, who is still wearing the Countess’ Strength Suit from SPHINX, takes it upon himself to capture Molotov, which results in her immediately taking the Strength Suit for herself.

Now super-powered, the only person who can stop Molotov is Brock, who manages to do so (after getting thrown from the helicarrier, rescued by HELPeR in the X-1, and then making out with Molotov Spider-Man style for a bit. Just as he’s about to toss her unconscious body in one of the Helicarrier’s turbines, Col. Gathers runs out and demands he stop!

As it turns out, Gathers has hired Molotov to be a double agent — and her first mission was to escape the Helicarrier, reveal the holes in their security, and murder whatever remaining double-agents OSI had left in the process while looking like she was merely killing them in her escape attempt. Brock doesn’t trust her at all, but an order’s an order — which means once Gathers sets up a security camera, Brock tosses the empty Strength Suit in the turbine, appearing to all concerned that he has indeed killed her.


The three government agents aren’t happy to hear about all this (and they’d be unhappier if they knew Molotov was still alive), but they leave… only for the same three agents to seemingly come back a few minutes later, claiming to just arrived. And as the first three agents walk away, their gets glowing red pinstripes, they’re revealed to be the Investors, and the phase out of the building. And now they know everything that O.S.I. knows… almost.

Guys, I can’t tell you how amazing this episode was, just in its sheer construction. It was staggeringly complex, but it was still crystal clear what was going on, and when, and it used this to build on the dialogue of other scenes in a manner that was hilarious without sacrificing clarity. It was just phenomenal. Truly, I think The Venture Bros. is as fantastic as it has ever been.

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Assorted Musings:

• Man, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick love putting Sgt. Hatred’s tits on screen, uncensored. Which they can get away with it, because they are bare breasts on a man. American censorship is ludicrous.


• “Hey, I keep a straight face every time you call yourself a ‘super-scientist.’”

• “I also saw a noticeable improvement in tips.” “NO, NOT EVEN THE TIP!”

• The Sovereign’s true form is possibly the thing on the cover of Bowie’s Diamond Dogs album. This makes me happier than I can possibly tell you.


• “Sorry, we didn’t have a jumpsuit in size stupid-big.”

• “It’s a round room, Hank. There are no corners.”

• “What, did Joe Eszterhas write that for you?”

• New OSI Agent names: Afterburner, Amber Gold, Headshot, Tank Top, Bum Rush, Shuttlecock, Slapchop, Snoopy. Did I miss any?


• “You’ll never get over the loss of your breasts. You’ll miss them forever.”

• In a just world, the O.S.I. would have their own action figure line. Maybe Bif Bang Pow can do an SDCC exclusive pack at some point?



The sight of Hank without the suit was both disturbing and hilarious. The suit was robbing him of his muscle mass. He was so atrophied he needed to learn to walk again. Who thinks of that? These attention to details is why The Venture Bros. can be the best cartoon on Adult Swim. Also, I'm amazed there was no mention of the Pre-cogs or their perfectly spherical poops with writing on it. Brilliant!