Brondell Breeza Anti-Stench Toilet Seat Wafts Those Stinky Sins Away

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It's toilet gadget time again, and here's the Brondell Breeza, a deodorizing toilet seat that's available in two different models. The Basic Breeza is battery operated and just keeps that stench down to a manageable level, while the Breeza Warm (pictured above) plugs into the wall and actually has a heated seat (which I can tell you from personal experience is well worth the trouble and expense). Both have that delightful gentle closing seat and lid that can help you at least keep some of those obnoxious bathroom noises to a minimum.


Both models have an automatic quiet fan that draws odors into a replaceable activated carbon filter, and then there's some sort of fragrance that you can place into the works as well. The Breeza battery operated seat can be installed in just 15 minutes according to the company; of course the heated seat's installation might be more complicated if you don't have an outlet nearby.

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Yeah, all these fancy toilet seats we've been hearing about are just plain odd. I wouldn't get any of these. I want a nice, plain, solid seat to plop my arse on, and one that is easy to clean and cheap to replace every few years. I don't want one with fancy gadgets, lights, and heaters all over it with a ton of little nooks and crannys to collect all kinds of gunk.