Bryan Singer Takes Another Crack At Retelling The X-Men's Origin

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The director of the first two X-Men films and Superman Returns has signed on to tell the story of the earliest mutant heroes, in X-Men Origins: First Class. But will the previous stars be involved?


Bryan Singer spilled the beans to Ustream that he has just signed on to direct the next X-Men origin tale:

We're not incredibly surprised by this move — he's been hinting at getting back involved with the X-Men series for months. Plus he made the only two X-Men films that didn't make us want to run through a plate-glass window. The director knows the characters and will at least attempt to make an engaging film. He even admitted to talking with Hugh Jackman, an incredibly invested actor in the franchise, about Wolverine.

But will it take place way, way, way back in the early days of the X-Men, as the rumors and comics source material would lead us to believe? Lauren Shuler Donner, X-Men Producer, has said very little on the matter, but did admit to Comic Book Movie that it was "way back when." But was mum on characters. Still, it's a safe bet that fleshing the past lives of the characters out would easily set up additional spin-off movies for each individual X-Man. Come on Iceman movie!



If they hadn't screwed around with the character's ages, we could have a proper prequel with the original five (Cyclops, Jean, Iceman, Beast and Angel). So as it stands we would get Cyclops, Jean, Storm and Beast. Maybe they could throw in another random mutant who leaves or gets killed by the end (Thunderbird!). And of course, they'll have to have Wolverine in his own side story since you CAN'T possibly have an X-Men movie without him, right?