Build a Custom Garden Planter With These Lego-Like Blocks

It's hard to argue the fact that Lego is one of the greatest toys of all time, but who says the plastic building blocks have to only be used as toys? The creators of these wonderful Togetherfarm Blocks—made from recycled food-grade plastic—are intended for use as planters and garden boxes in any shape or size you can imagine.


Originally a crowdfunded Kickstarter project, the $50 starter set—which includes 24 standard-sized blocks—is now available on Amazon. The interlocking blocks can be assembled into a simple six-inch deep planter box, but you can buy additional sets to build as large a planter empire as you need.

Like Lego, the Togetherfarm blocks are designed to hold together on their own when stacked. But you can also use standard screws to reinforce and guarantee your structure doesn't come apart. And while they're only available in black right now, colored versions of the blocks are being developed if you're looking for something a little more exciting. [Togetherfarm]


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