Build a Lego Ornament with Powerpig

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Glass balls, tacky sequined stars, little trains—most ornaments suck. But these custom Lego designs from Giz illustrator emeritus Powerpig, do not suck. They are the coolest tree-adornment we've seen in some time. Here's how to make you own.

Powerpig's site offers more than one way to piece together some plastic cheer. You might think November is a little early to start picking out Christmas tree ornaments—but Powerpig is looking out for you. See, designs mapped out in Lego's Digital Designer software can only have their parts custom ordered from Lego's warehouses up until around November 27th—so if you get crackin' now, you'll have your own beautiful brick balls in time for the holiday.

Or, if you'd like to forgo software, Powerpig also has you covered, with a vivid and simple set of step by step directions. It's a complicated little model, but the instructions are immaculate, so with the proper bricks and some patience, you'll be set (Or, if you're lacking in either patience or materials, you can pick up a greeting card version instead. 2D still looks great!).


And—best of all—these ornaments are only the first in a series of custom Christmas Lego designs by the artist. We can't tell you what you'll be building in the weeks to come, but make sure to check back each Thursday. Maybe next week's will be a Lego version of your drunk brother in law ruining Christmas dinner like usual. That one would take a lot of bricks. [Powerpig]