Build an iPhone Solar Charger in 30 Minutes and More from TreeHugger

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This week, stormtrooper helmets made of sneakers, a bike designed for amputees wins a Dyson Award, using your cell phone to unlock doors, orange peels to power cars, and more.


1. What It Looks Like To Orbit The Earth From The International Space Station (Video)
This awesome time-lapse video will make you feel like an astronaut.

2. Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Crafted Out of Adidas Shoes
Seriously cool project for Star Wars geeks.


3. Unusual Bamboo Bicycle Designed for Ultimate Affordability
This design is meant for ultimate simplicity — but is it practical?

4. MIT's Vibration-Powered Charger 100x More Powerful Than Competitors
A new breakthrough could mean cheap power for wireless devices.

5. Build a Solar Charger For iPhones In 30 Minutes
An awesome Altoids project that will keep you powered up.

6. Laptop Becomes A Stovetop with Electrolux Mobile Kitchen Concept
Would you cook on a laptop? This designer thinks so!


7. Bike Design for Amputees Wins James Dyson Award
This new designs gives more pedal power to amputees.

8. Smartphones As "Digital Keys" Coming To Doors Near You
Instead of plastic badges, just hold your cell phone up to unlock doors.


9. FZLed PAR38 22-Watt LED Spotlight (Product Review)
For the past few weeks we've had a chance to test a pair of LED spotlight bulbs by Taiwanese manufacturer FZLed, here's our review.

10. Orange Peels Could One Day Power Your Car
And you thought the peels were just for composting.


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For those of you who'd rather buy a packaged solar-charged battery solution, Voltaic Systems sells a 3000mAh USB battery/2W solar panel combo for around US$60+tax/S&H. (I have no connection to them aside from being a customer.) This version works only for phones, though. While they do have a solar-powered solution for some tablets like the iPad/iPad2, it's a LOT more expensive, requiring multiple solar panels.