Build Your Favorite Space Gadgets With LittleBits' Awesome NASA Kit

The Mars Rover. The ISS grappling arm. An infrared light meter. You can build working models of all of those and more with LittleBits' new space-themed electronics kit, which is NASA scientist-approved and here to let kids experience simpler versions of the challenges that space scientists and engineers face every day.

By following the kit's included instructions, kids (or anyone else) can snap magnetic buzzers, sensors, motors, and displays into 29 different experiments. Follow the instructions to build your own miniature Curiosity rover! Perfect for exploring any foreign tundra:


Learn how to make your own grappling arm, which is designed just like the one used on the International Space Station:

Put together an infrared light meter that actually transmits its readings through radio-waves to your wireless receiver!


Where littleBits succeeds most is making a really complicated circuit into a simple plug-and-play assembly, giving you more time to think about how it's working, instead of being frustrated by it, well, not working. So yes, you too can (almost, kinda, sorta) build and design like an astronaut. [littleBits]

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