Bulb 2.0: Homage to a (Once) Timeless Design

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Not that there's anything particularly wrong with the soft serve style of traditional CFLs, but we sort of love the overly cutesy nature of the Bulb 2.0, a compact fluorescent shaped lamp with the faux filament of a traditional incandescent lightbulb. It's both a nod to Edison in an era when his most famous invention is (thankfully) going obsolete, and, maybe more importantly, a way to finally stop our painful, compulsive CFL licking. [Formstark via Notcot]


Edison DID NOT invent the light bulb!

Swan in the UK had a light bulb on the market a year before Edison (they later joined forces to form the Swan-Edison Lighting Company), and neither of those two can claim to invent the light bulb. They merely brought to the market long life bulbs.

Of course electric arc lights were already in use for street lighting before the incandescent bulb was available.