Bull Returns from Death, Cloned from His Frozen Testicles

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Leave it to the Japanese to freeze a pair of testicles from a famous Gifu bull known for his delicious buttery marbled-textured meat, extract living cells 13 years later, and have the beast mooing again.


In fact, three of them, mooing, destroying the ozone layer with their gases, and ready to go into the grill. Actually, the last part would be impossible, as Japanese law expressly prohibits cloned animals to get into the food chain again.

Yasufuku-go, the name of the prized bull, had his testicles frozen 13 years ago. The team of researches and the Kinki University in Osaka were able to extract living cells from frozen meat, which according to project leader Teruhiko Wakayama "means we can clone cows using frozen beef sold at supermarkets."


Yes. You can "resurrect" animals from frozen animals. I'm already working in my zombie chicken army. The end, is near. [Mainichi via Pink Tentacle]

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