Burglar Records His Entire Heist With His iPhone

Emmanual Jerome, 23, was just sentenced to nearly a year in prison in England for burglary. In trying to use his iPhone as a flashlight during a heist, Jerome accidentally recorded video of his crime.

The Daily Mail reports that Jerome along with a gang stole thousands of pounds of loot from a home while its owners were on vacation. Even though Jerome recorded the crime, he and his cohorts might have gotten away with it except that Jerome never noticed the incriminating evidence was just sitting there, waiting for the prying eyes of investigators. The video was later discovered when he was picked up by police for trying to break into some other properties.


Busted! Ok, we get that it’s very hard to commit crimes in complete darkness, but maybe the night of the job isn’t the best time to learn how your smartphone works. Maybe plan ahead—or just pack a headlamp instead. [Daily Mail via Ubergizmo]

Image via Adchariyaphoto/Shutterstock.com

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