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We've all been there. Trying desperately to spread a cold lump of butter on our beautiful bread, only to find it hard and unfeeling, leaving us with only gashes and holes. Heartbreaking, I know. But lo and behold, someone has felt our collective pain and decided to make it all better. A British company called ButterWizard has launched a temperature-controlled butter dish that will keep your butter (or butter-spread for that matter) at a beautiful 65 degrees for perfect spreading all the time. The dish has a built-in fan and a chip that can control the temperature for different textures of bread products. Yes, your muffin can be buttered differently than your baguette. Of course, you can also manually adjust the temperature if you feel the need, but whatever the case, we thank you, ButterWizard. The pleasure is all ours.

An end to hard butter misery? [Reuters]

Product Order Page [ButterWizard]


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