Butterfly Knife-esque CD/MP3 Concept

MP3s may be the wave of the future, but that doesn't mean we've had the initiative to digitize our CD collection. This Dual Music Player concept is a both a portable MP3 player and a more portable CD player. Unfolding á la butterfly knife, the DMP concept spins your CDs while exposed to the world, but we bet the effect would look pretty wicked (especially when operating the dual purpose, self defense saw function).

Yanko commenters recommend the device rips CDs for you. And, while that idea completely makes sense, it also shows how understandably futile the portable CD player market has become. I for one miss the mechanical nature of musical playback. But then again, the near limitless battery life, micro designs and skip-free operation do a lot to make up for my illogical playback preferences. [yanko]


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