Buy One $100 Laptop, Give Two to Kids

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PledgeBank, the site that allows its users to vow to do something and then encourages others to do the same, is where Mike Liveright set up his particular pledge: he will purchase three of the MIT Media Lab's $100 OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) laptops at $300, giving two of them away. He'll do this only if 100,000 others will, too. This way, generous donors can keep one of the laptops for themselves and send two to those who are much less fortunate, presumably children in the developing world.

Liveright has gotten 1526 people to sign up so far, but the project is not endorsed by Nicholas Negroponte's Media Project, the hand-cranked computers are not being offered for sale, and even if they were, there is no specific plan to distribute all these contributed computers. If enough people sign up, though, we're thinking someone will be able to figure all that out.


$100 Laptop Pledge [PledgeBank] (Thanks, Jonathan!)