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Buy Your Favorite Wikipedia Subjects In Book Form, For $9

Illustration for article titled Buy Your Favorite Wikipedia Subjects In Book Form, For $9

I know! Why don't we all spend our money printing free information off the internet, bind it in covers and clutter our bookcases with it? Wouldn't you like to own books with titles such as "Toasters," "Penguins" and "Antidisestablishmentarianism"?


PediaPress is charging as "little" as $8.90 per book, with the prices varying depending on how detailed your chosen subject may be. Some of the proceeds do go to the Wikipedia Foundation, but really—when you've got to the point in your life where printing pages off from Wikipedia and paying $8.90 for the privilege seems like a good need to be banned from society. Or at least have banned by your ISP. [PediaPress via DVICE]

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dang I thought was was kinda cool, I mean generally useless if you have mobile access and of course you could print it yourself but if you wanted it to look somewhat more presentable then a bunch of 8.5 X 11 sheets stapled together it would cost you more to print and bind this yourself (pending what setup you have)....of course none of this fixes the fact that you are paying money for what may be no more than some college student dropouts tidbits of info scrounged from other sites and maybe some notes or perhaps the conversations he had with the local homeless man behind the Burger king on Main street about state of the economy and how unused meat will be the currency of the future.