By 2030, 69% of global deaths will be from non-communicable diseases

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As part of a series of articles on chronic disease, The Lancet has published a piece showing that by 2030, 7 out of 10 deaths internationally will be from chronic non-communicable diseases, and that low- and middle-income countries don't have the infrastructure in place to deal with this future.

Of that 70% of deaths the paper cites, 80% of those will be in these less wealthy nations, which need to alter their health-systems to account for this coming rise. These diseases, like cancer, diabetes, and respiratory and heart disease, are usually associated with first world nations, and require complex health-systems to treat a patient that will be afflicted for a lifetime. The paper calls for nations to ramp-up their healthcare systems, and to put in place the networks necessary to get treatment to lifelong sufferers, as well as introduce public policy to minimize risk factors for the diseases.

Full scientific article via The Lancet