C-17 RC Model Airplane Can Probably Carry a Real Tank

I don't know if this Boeing C-17 GlobeMaster III is the biggest RC airplane model in the world, but comparing it to the now-dead previous record holder it looks like we almost may have a tie. In any case, its 19.68 feet of wingspan, four turbine engines, and perfect detail make it a worthy competitor for the Top Gun competition. Check the stills to get an idea of this model's majesty.The original C-17 is 174 ft, has a wingspan of 169.8 feet, and can carry 102 troops, a payload of 170,900 lb (77,519 kg) of cargo "distributed at max over 18 463L master pallets or a mix of palletized cargo and vehicles." Its remote-controlled counterpart is made at a 1/10 scale. According to its creators, the model weights 264 pounds.


It was presented at the EURO Flugtage 2008 RC show byt the Aero-Club Rheidt. [Aero-Club Rheidt - Photos from Flickr]

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