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To be honest, I'm sad and disappointed that there haven't been more watches inspired by the Alien spaceship before. But the Cabestan Nostromo was clearly worth the wait. It's even got crystal windows on its sides.


The Nostromo was designed by Jean-François Ruchonnet for Cabestan, and he's introduced a new gear-shaft transmission and a form based on Ripley's original ride.

The entire case is black PVD coated titanium, and its innards glow wildly in the dark without looking green during the day. It's also got a power reserve indicator (50 hours), three engraved rotary drums, and looks as cool as any watch I've seen in a long time. Only hiccup: it costs about $141,000. So I guess I'll start saving... now. [aBlogtoWatch via Engadget]


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