Cablevision Is Suing Viacom to Kill the Bundled Cable Model Once and For All

That seemingly far-off dream of a la carte cable consumption may be more imminent than you realize. Cablevision has announced its plans to sue Viacom for "illegally forcing purchase of programming services." In other words, they want to break up the bundle.


The bundling principle has been at the core of the cable industry for years, and its dismantling would drastically change the way we consume cable television—and not necessarily in a way we'd prefer. For stations to cut their losses, the actual cost of on-demand stations would have to come with a significantly higher price tag or equally significant cut in production budgets. And cable consumers probably won't go along happily with either.

But as All Things D points out, Viacom's response seems to imply that Cablevision is ultimately just looking to get out of an agreement they made with Viacom two months ago. And assuming they're able to successfully renegotiate, consumers will be able to keep the cable bundles they so desperately hate. Which funnily enough, is probably the best outcome they could hope for. [Market Watch via All Things D]

Image via Shutterstock/Nomad Soul

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