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For some outdoors types the thrill of hunting comes more from stalking and outsmarting their prey than the actual kill. So the KillShot camera lets them capture photographic trophies instead of carcasses.

The camera was invented by three brothers—Randall, Daniel, and Michael Gregg—and is built to look exactly like a hunting rifle, right down to the scope on top, complete with crosshairs, which serves as the camera's lens.


Besides providing proof that a hunter was able to get close enough to an animal for a kill shot, the camera will also document where it would have been hit, and how safe the shot would have been based on what was in the background. Because the last thing you want to do is pull the trigger if there's the risk of hitting someone beyond your target. So besides providing a humane way to hunt, it also doubles as a great way to teach rifle safety.

At the moment the KillShot only exists as a Kickstarter project looking to raise $15,500 in funding to get it off the ground. And if you're interested, you'll need to pledge at least $150 to get your hands on one when they're available. If it's a success, who knows, it could lead to a version for fishermen so they could finally have photographic proof of the one that got away. [Harmless Hunter via Gizmag]


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