Camera zooms can get so ridiculously close it's scary

If you want to be a total creep and spy on things from miles away, just get a camera like the Nikon P900. The zoom is so ridiculous it’s scary. Check out the video by Fratila Angelo below that shows just how close you can get. It shows an excavator at work and when it zooms out, you realize you’re seeing that from someone’s backyard.


Though really, you don’t actually need that crazy zoom.


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How is it that you can get 83x zoom in a 550$ Nikon , but my shitty 55-210 for my Nex was 250?? I get it, there’s obviously a quality difference in the lenses.

Why don’t we have such super zooms when it comes to interchangeable lenses? Id be happy having a super zoom interchangeable lens like this for 200-300$ even if it’s not the best quality just for the zoom capabilities. I’ve seen Chinese sites that have cheap’ish 3rd party lenses. I’m surprised nobody makes one in this super zoom variety. Is it because there’s some technical limiting factor?