Cameras Just Not Enough for Canon

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Like many large consumer electronics companies these days, Canon has decided to expand its business from cameras and copiers to flat panel TVs, betting that this burgeoning market will bring them more opportunities for interesting products—as well as a lot more cash. By next year, Canon hopes to be selling 40-50-inch surface conduction emitter (SED) panels and is working with Toshiba to make this happen. It also plans on actually building a new production site for these panels, which they expect to be pounding out 3 million units by 2010. Of course, to make things even more exciting, Canon President and Chief Executive Fujio Mitarai says they are working on developing three types of display technologies: SED panels, organic light-emitting diode displays (OLED) and projection displays, and planning on using OLED screens to replace LCDs in 2007.

Canon eyes move into TV products [The Age]


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