Illustration for article titled Camouflage Paint Hides Vehicles From Radar, Subsequent Missiles

A German inventor has developed a paint called AR 1 that can hide a vehicle from radar, and most importantly, "all militarily relevant frequencies." How it works is unclear, though one test researcher proposes it's either by reflecting radar waves in a pattern so they cancel one another out, or by utilizing microscopic magnets to absorb radar radiation. And no, it won't get you out of speeding tickets.


The inventor's story is an interesting one, involving thousands of hours of lab trial and error, as well as international military interest in his product...that far outshined the response from his own country's military.

But apparently the most promising and equitable use for such a paint could be civilian. Airport towers and buildings have a long history of interfering with flight control radars. And to simply make them disappear would be quite useful—as opposed to calling hangar 12 in for a landing or something. [Spiegel Online via NewLaunches][image]

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