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Can You Solve the Hardest Puzzle Ever?

Illustration for article titled Can You Solve the emHardest Puzzle Ever/em?

Esquire makes a pretty serious claim about their new iPad app: they say it's the hardest puzzle ever. In fact, they believe it so much, they just called it The Hardest Puzzle Ever.


Whether or not that claim is true remains to be seen. The game is simple in design, but hardly a walk in the park. Combine the concept of a folding photo cube toy with the mechanics of a Rubik's Cube. Then pile hopelessly obscure trivia and some word association exercises on top of that. That's what The Hardest Puzzle Ever is about.

At its core, you pick any two blocks of a cube (it ranges in size from 2x2 to 6x6, and rotate them along the x and y axes. The idea is to form a complete picture. When you have completed that, you must answer a trivia question related to the image.


Depending on the type of person you are, it will either keep you hopelessly entertained for hours, or send you into a state of rage after a few minutes. The app is a free download which has the first level unlocked, but you gotta shell out another $5 for the remaining 4 levels. There's also a free bonus level sponsored by Lincoln, but, you know, product placement. [Esquire]

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