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How do you manage to run up an $85,000 mobile phone bill you ask? Apparently, 22-year-old Calgary native Piotr Staniaszek was under the impression that his $10 "unlimited browser plan" on Bell Mobility gave him carte blanche to use his cellphone as a PC modem. Unfortunately, when a $60,000 bill arrived in his mailbox for the month of November he learned the hard way that this was not the case. The charges were later upped to $85,000 "because the company was charging him on a per-kilobyte basis."

Bell Mobility has reduced the charges to $3,243 as gesture of goodwill, but they claim that Staniaszek should have known that using a cellphone as a modem fell outside the realm of normal usage. They also noted that the software he used for this purpose warned him that additional charges would apply. Still, Staniaszek plans of fighting the bill citing that Bell Mobility's policies were unclear. You would think that this would be pretty open and shut, but in a world where you can be rewarded a settlement for spilling hot coffee in your lap at McDonalds, I'm not so sure. [The Register]


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