Cancel Out the Distractions of the World With Tivoli's New Headphones

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Seemingly bored with just cranking out radios, Tivoli has shifted their focus onto the headphone space, particularly noise-cancelling headphones. The Radio Silenz headphones take Tivoli's decades of experience and siphon it into a product they hope will please ears.

The Radio Silenz headphones feature 40mm drivers enclosed in wood and attached onto a folding headband that ensures portablility. One AAA battery will give you 50 hours of listening without the bothers of the noise around you. If you have to have a quick convo, Tivoli designed a "Defeat" button that will mute the music and allow you to converse without removing your headphones—which may or may not creep people out.


Tivoli says the headphones reduce outside noise by 85 percent, though that seems like it may be a bit generous after a quick listen. That said, they're certainly well constructed and appear up to the challenge of surviving daily use. Tivoli expects the Radio Silenz headphone to be available in June for $160. [Tivoli]