Candle Maker Gadget Makes Candles Out Of Old Candles

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Have you ever finished burning a candle and wondered what to do with the wax left over? We sure haven't—because we're dudes! But if your wife has this problem, gift them one of these candle makers that pound the leftover parts of various other candles into an all-new candle, ready for the burning. After about 1,000 candles you can make back the money you spent buying this thing for $34.88.

An uncle of mine tried the same idea a few years ago, except instead of candles he used dogs.

Product Page [Spilsbury via Popgadget]

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$34.88? Hey, DUDES, I've got news for you. To reuse the wax, all the wee little wifey has to do is melt the darn wax in a cheap broiler pan. And it doesn't take 1,000 candles to recoup the money spent.

As if women don't have a brain.

P.S. DUDES. You don't "pound" wax into a candle, you melt it.

Me thinks these so-called DUDES have more time on their hands than common sense.