Candle Quick: The Dream Machine of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Satan Himself

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Really? Is there someone out there burning through such copious amounts of candles that they require one gadget just to melt down the scraps?

What sort of demonic deity requires such inconvenient worship in 2009? (Ed note: Satan, that's who. And the ghost of Laura Ingalls Wilder, natch.)


Regardless, the Candle Quick is a sort of wax fondue pot that will melt of tops off old candles so you can once again gain access to the wick. But while the Candle Quick promises to pay for itself in just one use, we've never dropped its $25 asking price on a candle before. Our Dark Lord is a notorious spendthrift. And Satan is pretty cheap, too. [Taylor Gifts via Random Good Stuff via DVICE]