Parents Don’t Read This: Hey Kid, Want to Make $78k a Year?

A Canadian candy company is offering to hire a child to eat over 100 treats a day.

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You remember the job the 10-year-old you thought would be the best work ever, like professional video game tester (reality later proved it wasn’t such a perfect dream) or how about professional candy taste tester? Yeah, well now that you think about it, eating candy all day sounds like a really terrible idea… oh, wait, you’re saying that’s a real job? Wait, how much does it pay?

The Canadian candy warehouse company Candy Funhouse is apparently offering just that, calling on anyone five years of age or older to apply for its “Chief Candy Officer” position. What’s the pay? Well, the hire will apparently take home 100,000 CAD, or $78,000 to lead Funhouse’s “candy strategy,” essentially tasting all candy inventory. The company says whoever gets the job will be able to work from either Newark, New Jersey or Toronto, Canada, though apparently the job is work-from-home optional.

Gif: Candy Funhouse

This CCO will apparently have to try “at least” 3,500 snacks a month, smacking those they like best with a “CCO Stamp of Approval.” That would mean tasting over 100 pieces of candy or snacks a day. Not to sound like somebody’s overbearing parent, but this sounds like a pretty horrible idea even if you’re just eating a nibble of each individual treat. After all, excess sugar intake has been shown to have links to chronic health issues like cardiovascular disease. Sugar substitutes are also not that great an option either.

There’s apparently no prior experience required, but in reality, they’re likely trying to look for somebody with experience in candy or media. Based on the companies upbeat and pretty saccharine video describing the new position, it sounds much more like a kind of influencer job than anything. The new CCO will appear in videos “and essentially become an icon.” But the fact that they’re advertising a position to anybody five-years and up makes it all the more strange.


Otherwise, they need someone who has “golden taste buds” and “no food allergies.” It’ll be interesting to see how they test applicants’ taste buds during your average zoom interview, but I guess that’s all part of the majesty of these proceedings.

It looks like the company’s actual social media personality job only pays $17 to $24 an hour. In that way, the $78,000 salary and chronic tooth aches sound comparatively sublime. The job does mention the position comes with an extensive dental plan, so there’s that.


The company is leaving the position open on LinkedIn until August 31.