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Canned Oxygen For Sale, Suckas

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You must have seen this coming: now they want to sell you some hot air. Seven-Eleven Japan has announced it will be selling cans of oxygen in its stores beginning May 24. Each can contains enough oxygen for 35 two-second inhalations, and the company says this will last a week if it's used five or six times a day.


Taking a look at the runaway success of selling water to people for hundreds of times what it costs, it's no surprise that marketers have now identified a whole new category of suckers to exploit. This time, as the gullible public sucks oxygen out of cans, their money is sucked out of their pockets—further proof that there is nothing like the good old placebo effect to separate fools from their money. The sales price of the oxygen cans wasn't revealed.


Sales of canned oxygen to create fresh market for Seven-Eleven Japan [RapidNewsWire]

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Hello Nay-sayers and skepdicks, ;) I was at an allergy testing appointment last week and had a reaction to the testing: a horrid dizzy spell with an ensuing panic attack and I was having some difficulty breathing. I was given oxygen for ten minutes and to my amazement I felt better than I have in years. I wanted to get a tank of it in my house for panic and allergy attacks.

I mentioned it to my sister and she mentioned Oxygen Bars.

So I read up on it all at Wikipedia:…

Apparently it is good for your immune system at times like allergy attacks and when you are exercising.

I would love to try out an oxygen bar, and one of the oxygen spa/workout places I found, but I doubt I'll get anything like that in my little piss-ant town anytime soon.

Anyway...What do you know? It may not all be hooey. Don't knock it until you've tried it.