Cannondale OnBike: Because Symmetry Is Overrated

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The simple, asymmetry of the limited edition Cannondale OnBike is not the only thing that makes it so striking. You won't spot a chain or (much) external wiring. And the frame that...squared?

Cannondale's OnBike not only sticks the front forks to one side (a trick that offroad bikes have used for a while, but is still qualitatively awesome)—the gear box, balanced to the opposite side, functions as part of the frame, attaching the whole rear wheel on its own.

From the top down, the bike would look like one, long diagonal line machined from a single block of metal.


Cables are hidden inside the angular, aluminum frame. And the SRAM i-MOTION 9-speed hub gear and chain are tucked safely inside a maintenance-free (really?) box. You can appreciate the disc brakes, Octopus pedals, and Schwalbe Kojak Bad Boy tires—I'm just relieved to see it only comes in black.


$6,150...if you can snag one of the 250 that will be produced. [Cannondale via Uncrate via The Awesomer via CrunchGear]