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Canon Digital ELPH SD970, SD960 SD780 and SD1200 Point-and-Shoots Look Pretty, Feel Nice

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Most point-and-shoots have extremely similar feature sets now, whoever they're from—smile, booger and blink detection; image stabilization and other boingos you never use. So Canon's choice to focus on look-and-feel stands out—and pays off.

Here's the new PowerShot Digital ELPH line, most expensive to cheapest:


The SD970 is the fully loaded model with 12MP, 3-inch screen, 5x optical zoom lens, 720p video recording and more creative features like Zoom Blur and Creative Light Effect. Unlike the other cameras though, you don't have a whole rainbow of colors to pick from. It's $380.


The SD960 stepdown knocks off $50 for shrinking the screen to 2.8 inches and zoom to 4x (but it's a 28mm wide-angle lens), but it's still 12MP and can shoot 720p video. And it come in a few different (pastel-y) colors.

The SD780 has a tapered boxy look to it that I really liked because it felt classy, but spec-wise it's a stepdown from the SD970 and SD960, with a smaller 2.5-inch screen, 3x optical zoom and fewer whizbang modes. But it's still 12.1MP and does the 720p thing for $280 when it drops next month. Multiple colors, all very metallic, but the hot rod red is pretty nice.

• The SD1200 is the cheapie side, as the neon Lifesavers colors probably clued you in. 10 megapixels is the only spec Canon deems worthy of mentioning besides the $230 price, if that tells you anything. But they're delicious looking!


I got to grope all of these a month ago, and all of these cameras really do look and feel fantastic in your hand, a noticeable step above the other new point-and-shoots I've seen so far in the design department. How well they actually shoot, we'll have to wait and see, but if you really care about aesthetics, these are lookin' like the cameras to look at (at least until I see what else is coming out for PMA). [Canon]