Canon EOS-1D Mark III Auto-focus Under Heat

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Our own Photo Wizard Charlie White got his hands all over the Canon EOS-1D Mark III at PMA'07 and was blown away by this $4,500 wonder. And rightly so, because the camera is amazing... except for one little problem.


Imagician Rob Galbraith has been field testing the machine-gun wondercamera and he has detected a problem with the autofocus.


After that, [autofocus in] our preproduction EOS-1D Mark III is a mess. It can't hold focus on static subjects very well and it can't track moving subjects very well. While Canon didn't provide any details about the autofocus limitations we would encounter in the preproduction body, we hope this is what they were referring to and this is what engineers have been solving since.

The problem apparently happens on warm weather and especially bright situations, but it's there and it affects not only the pre-production but also the final production models. Not only that: he has received more than 200 mails with people experiencing the same problems.

June 21, 2007: More on EOS-1D Mark III autofocus [Rob Galbraith via Crave]


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@hernamewas and thnkwhatyouthnk: When you have a camera shooting 10 frames/second, you certainly don't waste time using manual focus! Shooting sports or journalistic type shooting requires speed and precision, and NO photographer I know would claim to be better at getting a good focus lock faster than their SLR's autofocus (excluding the apparently problematic 1D-Mk. III owners, apparently...). The 1D Mk. II and III were both high-speed professional DSLRs pretty much purpose-built for capturing sporting events and for journalists (well, paparrazi actually...).

I'm a freelance photographer but deal mostly in product needs to not dictate the need for 10 FPS so although I use a professional Canon SLR body...the 1D-Mk. III is not for me. In fact I'd wager that except for the select few who require this kind of speed, the Mk, III is not for most professional photographers.

Even though I imagine quite a few of us still dream of owning one :)