Black-and-white photos are old-timey, right?
Image: Canon

Most kids today don’t even know what a film camera is, so to get with the times, Canon is finally ending sales of its one remaining 35mm SLR: the Canon EOS-1V.

Originally launched way back in the year 2000, the EOS-1V actually boasted some impressive specs for its time thanks its ability to shoot up to 10 frames per second, which almost two decades ago, made it the fastest moving-mirror film camera ever. And despite going out of production in 2010, Canon had been selling back stock of the EOS-1V for the last eight years all the way up until today, when Canon announced that the EOS-1V would no longer be available for purchase.


However, if you’re one of a select few still holding onto a relic of film era, fear not, because while you might not be able to buy a new EOS-1V, Canon says it will continue to provide parts and repairs until October 31st, 2025. How’s that for customer service?

Currently, prices for second-hand EOS-1Vs on eBay and other resellers range between $300 and $750 depending on the camera’s condition, though that number is sure to go up now that the supply has officially run dry.


And if you’re still really jonesing for a brand-new 35mm SLR, you could always convert to the dark side and check out Nikon’s stable, which still features two film cameras in the $570 Nikon FM10 and the $2,700 Nikon F6. Though you should keep an eye out for updates, because both are currently listed as “temporarily out of inventory.” Perhaps we spoke too soon.