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Canon Rolls Out Two 7.1MP Digital Elph Cameras: the SD750 and SD1000

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Canon just updated its Digital Elph line of point-and-shoot digital cameras with the SD750 ($350) and SD1000 ($300), both set to ship in March. They're both offered in the original stainless steel but now also are available in this two-tone black and silver motif that Canon has dreamed up. Both cameras have a 3x optical zoom lens, as well as a 7.1-megapixel CCD with Canon's updated Digic III image processor with face detection and noise reduction technology.

What's the diff between these two shooters?

Even though it's like solving a puzzle trying to find out when reading Canon's bullshit press release (go ahead and try it, it's linked below), essentially when you pay an extra 50 bucks for the SD750, you get a 3-inch LCD viewfinder instead of the SD1000's 2.5-inch LCD. The SD750 has a touch control dial on the rear panel making it a bit easier to use, while the cheaper SD1000 stays with the old-style function setting button. Too bad neither of them has image stabilization, but that's just a 3x zoom so maybe it won't be too hard to hold 'em still enough.


Anyway, we like Canon's Digital Elves and have been using them for years, and these look like a couple of good entry-level additions to the compact line with their updated image processor and neato styling.


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