Canon Updates HD Palmcorders With HF11, HG21 Versions

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Canon's AVCHD HF10 camcorder got an excellent reception earlier this year, and now Canon have tweaked it slightly into the upcoming HF11 version. The most important tweaks are doubling the internal storage from 16GB to 32GB and the addition of a 24Mbps high quality MXP imaging mode. Otherwise, most features of the camera remain the same. Similar tweaks have been made to last year's HG10 HDD camera, adding in the 24Mbps shooting mode, a 120GB drive and now allowing movies to be saved onto SD card whereas before it was limited to still imagery. Both cameras will be available in August for $1,300. [AVWatch]



At last!!!

The first AVCHD *consumer* cameras that record in AVCHD's highest bitrate limit (24mbps, according to the AVCHD standard). Now, the HG11 doesn't have a great lens (smaller sensor, slower lens than the HV20/30's), but the HF11 should be an overall great buy!

I will wait a few more months for my dream poweruser consumer AVCHD camcorder to get announced, where that 24mbps bitrate is there, a better lens, focus ring, maybe bigger sensor, full manual mode to separately configure Canon's cinemode, aperture, shutter speed, and that would rock my world...