Printers aren't exciting. They're printers! We make fun of them, and of HP for stuffing them full of apps. But professional-photography-grade printers? Yeah, we care about those. And Canon's new PIXMA PRO-1 inkjet is really dang impressive.

The PIXMA PRO-1 uses a a 12-ink system—five monochromes—with a tubular delivery system, and ink tanks 2.5x larger than the previous generation stored on the sides of the printer. That allows it to produce prints faster than previous models: Canon claims that it can pop out a pro-quality 13"x9" print in about four and a half minutes, which is about twice as fast as previous models. The five monochromes should help smooth gradations and suppress graininess in the colors of reflected light, and help with dark-on-dark colored shots.


The PRO-1 also applies a Chroma Optimizer to the print, which helps smooth out stray ink drops that might cause uneven reflection. The claimed lightfastness—how long a print resists fading due to light exposure—for the PRO-1's prints is 70 years, and of course it's got other more standard niceties, like ethernet connectivity for multiple machines, and dual paper feed, for glossy and non. The PIXMA PRO-1 has an estimated price of $1000, available some time in Q4. [Canon]