Canon's SX20 and SX120 Powershots Are Zoomy Enough to Settle For

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While others are investing in thousands in their dSLRs and Micro Four Thirds cameras, many normal folk pick up still-hefty point and shoots like the Canon SX120 ($250) and SX20 ($400)—both available this September.

Canon PowerShot SX120 IS Digital Camera


Not a bad pick-up. It features a 10MP sensor, 10x optical zoom (with image stabalization) and a 3-inch LCD screen. Sadly, it still runs off AAs.

Canon PowerShot SX20 (lead photo)
For a bit more cash, Canon will give you a 12.1MP sensor, 20x zoom (all optical, not that digital crap), 720P video recording and a 2.5-inch LCD. Sadly, this too runs off AAs. [Canon]