Canon's VIXIA HD Camcorders Get Prices and March/April Release Dates

When we reported on Canon's new VIXIA HD camcorders at CES this year, pricing and availability had yet to be announced. Now, it looks like they'll cost $250-$1,300 and will be released by April.


The prices and availability dates are as follows:

• Vixia HF S10: $1,299.99, early March
• Vixia HF S100: 1,099.99, early March
• Vixia HF20: $899.99, early April
• Vixia HF200: $749.99, early April
• Vixia HV40: $999.99, early June
• FS22: $599.99, mid April
• FS21: $329.99, early April
• DC420: $369.99, early April
• DC410, $299.99, early April
• ZR960: $249.99, early April

What makes us so excited about the new Canon VIXIA HD Camcorders Genuine are that they're equipped with new Digic DV III processors and 8.6MP CMOS sensors, can shoot 24 progressive frames per second, use the same kind of Face Detection Technology used in Canon digital cameras, can store up to 32GB in its internal Flash drive, and boasts zoom lenses up to 15x. Pretty nifty, huh. [Gadget Review via Engadget]

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