Can't Sleep? Love Yourself With Aromahand

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Attention one-handed typists: Put the Aromahand on that all-important non-typing hand, and it's certain to smell a whole lot better than that tube sock you've been using. Aromahand's makers have a more serious purpose, citing the benefits of aromatherapy as a basis for the effectiveness of this special glove stuffed with lavender, sage, organic blends, and flax seed.


We especially like the well-produced video on Aromahand's website, urging those poor stressed-out individuals to just use the hand when the going gets tough. It's hard to tell if this is a joke or not, especially when the company's slogan is "I love my hand." One thing that's no joke: The company's selling a single terry-cloth glove stuffed with leaves for $25.

Product Page [Aroma Hand]

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It's so relevant, 30 min. after and not a single comment... I'm feeling kinda mercyful now.