Cappuccino Cam Lets You Obsessively Eyeball Baristas' Every Move

Illustration for article titled Cappuccino Cam Lets You Obsessively Eyeball Baristas Every Move

I try to stick with coffee joints I know and trust, so I don't really have to worry about what's going on behind the bar (I hope), but the gawker in me still likes the idea of a camera trained on the barista's hands, brashly laying bare their every move for scrutiny. (And it's not like I have anything else to do while I wait.) This setup is at an Amanti stand at the Melbourne airport, and now I'm very sad that my coffee machine is busted. [BoingBoing]


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Mmmmmmmmmm Java pron.......

Kinda did remind me of pron shots; close up, clear and full of drippy, actionee goodness.