Car Wheel Alarm Clock

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Do you live life in the fast lane? Do you go to bed fast, wake up fast, eat cereal fast, drive to work fast, buy a new Calvin pissing on Ford sticker fast, come home fast, let out the dog fast, eat dinner (fast food) fast and do it all over the next day as rapidly as possible?


The Car Wheel Alarm Clock is made for speed demons such as yourself. Instead of a buzzer waking you up in the morning, the tire spins, burnout in your bedroom style. A female voice says "the exorcism wool [ning]!" as you quickly wonder if there was a problem with Google translate.

Despite our sarcasm, this clock is bound to be a great gift for someone...but they probably won't be over the age of 12. Though who am I to judge? Hit the jump for a bonus picture.

Illustration for article titled Car Wheel Alarm Clock

Wish I could find the price on the page. Does anyone spot it?

Product Page [via tfts]



I was intensely trying to find where the hidden camera was located in this thing, when i realized that it didn't have one.

Damn you giz for striking that reinforcement theory upon me once again. $80,000 (not taking into mind interest) in tuition, 4 years of undergraduate education in sociology, and a lousy piece of paper with a shiny gold emblem stapled on my wall, and this is what I have to show for myself...