Carrier IQ Sits Down With the Feds for a Nice Long Talk

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Carrier IQ execs were in DC yesterday meeting with FTC and FCC officials about its alleged spying antics. Both agencies are probing the carrier over allegations that its tracking software was installed on more than 150 million smartphones without user knowledge.

There aren't many details about the meeting, but the Washington Post says that feds are probing to see whether or not there's a case against Carrier IQ. In addition to the government agencies, Carrier IQ executives also met with congressional staffers, but what transpired is unclear because the meetings were held behind closed doors. The FTC, however, told WaPo that Carrier IQ was cooperating with federal investigators.


Congress first launched the investigation into Carrier IQ's activity two weeks ago after a software developer discovered that the software could log keystrokes. Since then Carrier IQ, several major carriers, and phone manufacturers have been sued over the software, putting those companies on the hook for millions of dollars. Carrier IQ has categorically denied any wrongdoing whatsoever. [WaPo via Techmeme]