Cartoonist Trolls Bigots With Web Trickery

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When cartoonist Zach Weiner discovered that NOM (an anti-gay marriage lobbying group) had appropriated one of his comics as a hotlink on its website, he fired back in the simplest, cleverest way he could. He changed the image to this.

Weiner managed to turn yesterday's Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal panel into a rainbow flag and the following quote from the Declaration of Independence, but only on NOM's website:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

The SMBC homepage still showed the original comic, which apparently NOM had interpreted as somehow anti-gay rights:

Illustration for article titled Cartoonist Trolls Bigots With Web Trickery

Before NOM was able to remove the post, the change drove enough traffic to take down the entire site.

Was Weiner able to effect much change in the brief time his troops invaded NOM's shores? It's easy to say no, of course not, this was just a silly prank. But Weiner believes otherwise:

There seems to be this idea out there that action through the Internet has no important effect... Well, today, I probably got a message of equality to over 100,000 people, among them members of the other side. This generation fights in a new way, but we fight just as hard.


The takeaway? The internet's not just for kittehs and memes (although those are great too!). It's a powerful tool, where a silly prank can carry a lot of power. [TWW via TDW]

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It'/s really a lot more complicated than a simple issue of bigotry. IMO the following two issues are the real problem:

1). Preaching that homosexuality is wrong, or reading such statements from the Bible could be considered hate speech and lead to litigation. If the gay marriage bill was passed as written in Cali, it would cause major problems for traditional churches.

2). Also due to threat of litigation, a pastor who is opposed to gay marriage on principle could be forced to perform the ceremonies against said principles.

So, this whole battle is as much for maintaining the rights of people to continue to obey what they believe to be Gods commandments. If gay marriage legislation was passed in a way that #1 and #2 above would not be problems, I doubt many would have a problem with it. To Christians the ways of man are constantly changing and God is not changing. Therefore, if one fears God more than man they have to be able to continue to practice beliefs themselves. I believe the vast majority of Christians are willing to let others believe and do what they want save it doesn't tread on their own freedoms. If it does tread on their freedoms, watch out because the said tolerance will go straight out the window.