Carving Your Thanksgiving Feast Will Be a Lot Easier Using This Clever Life Hack

If it’s your first time preparing a bird for your Thanksgiving feast, you’ll understandably be a little nervous when it comes to time to carve it up for dinner. But there’s no reason to stress over slicing up the perfect portions if you’ve got access to a hundred thousand dollar industrial waterjet machine.


As the Waterjet Channel demonstrates, a little programming is all you need to make short work of carving up a golden turkey, a freshly-baked pumpkin pie, or even when it comes to opening a can of cranberry sauce. Using a can opener? That’s how your grandparents did it.



They did it wrong, you don’t cut that pumpkin pie you toss that crap in the garbage. I’ve tried several of those pies over the years and no matter who makes it they all taste terrible.