Casio Celebrates 25 Years of G-Shock With Four New Models

Casio just unveiled four new G-Shock models at their 25th anniversary event tonight in NYC. Kanye West is here, but the watches are definitely taking front and center. Two are analog, the other two digital, and all feature Multi-Band 6 atomic time synchronization and solar batteries. The one above is the MT-G, or Metal Twisted G-Shock, the top of the line from this collection. It has a urethane and metal composite case and retails for $400. The other three, and everything we know about them so far, after the jump.


The Riseman is a digital watch designed for outdoors-types and includes an altimeter and a barometer, and is the first watch to feature Multi-Band 6 synchronization, which synch the time from six locations around the world instead of the usual five. It'll set you back $220.

The Gulfman, the other digital watch, was inspired by fisherman who wanted a rust-resistant timepiece to use in the ocean, and has screws that won't rust. It retails for $220 as well.


Rounding out the group is the Giez, an analog piece with a solid metal case, and it costs $300.

I'll update as I learn more, but for now, I need to get back to the show.


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