Casio Robo-Watch Superheroes Celebrate G-Shock Anniversary

Illustration for article titled Casio Robo-Watch Superheroes Celebrate G-Shock Anniversary

Casio's 25 years of G-Shock celebration continues with a new set of characters designed by Shiro Nakano. Normally we don't pander to marketing gimmicks, but these toys might be cooler than the watches themselves.


Apparently, the Japanese think so too because they have caused quite a stir amongst local connoisseurs of rugged watches. Unfortunately, the robot characters themselves are not available for sale, which I think is a major oversight on Casio's part. These things would make for excellent bedside clocks. [IT Media via DVICE]

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Keep your eyes on E-Bay. They'll appear. I'd love one of these, especially if the faces were animated like the little characters are on so many of the watches.